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SAP (Student Assistance Program)

(Student Assistance Program)

We hope the information presented in this page about the SAP program at HMMS will be useful to you and your family.
What is S.A.P. and what does it do?
The Student Assistance Program is designed to improve the quality of education in our school by providing help to those students who are at risk. Sometimes, students with various challenges and that impedes their learning. Our goal in the SAP team is to address those challenges, so each student is able to be successful.
The SAP team includes trained and certified representatives from faculty, nursing staff, and administration. We meet once weekly and work closely with families and other resources to improve student success at school.
The SAP team can connect families with a multitude of resources to help remove barriers to learning, including in-school support and community support services.
What are some examples of reasons students are referred to SAP:
  • the use of, or pressure to use, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
  • depression or anxiety
  • relationship problems
  • emotional disorders
  • aggression toward or from others
  • grief, due to separation or death
  • disruptive life changes
  • violence or safety concerns
Who can refer to SAP?
Anyone who has concern for the well-being of a student can make a SAP referral including parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, other school staff, friends, and neighbors. Students can also refer themselves to SAP.
How does the SAP program Work?
The SAP team contacts the family, usually by phone, when a SAP referral is made. The team member will discuss the concerns with the family and offer the team’s recommendations to support the student. If the family is in agreement with the team’s recommendations, a consent form will be delivered to the family, typically by the student. Once written consent is obtained, support services can begin.
The team then follows up with the student and family to provide assistance as necessary. It is a voluntary program that families may opt into or out of as needs or wishes change.
What are some examples of resources that may be offered through SAP:
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Mental health evaluation if appropriate
  • Skill based groups
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Referral to community agencies
How confidential is SAP?
Confidentiality will be maintained in the best interest of the student. Only those staff members directly involved with the referred student are a part of this process. Referrals to SAP can be made anonymously.
Who is on the SAP team?