Harrison-MortonMiddle School

Study Skills

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Staying Organized:

A key to a successful school year is staying organized. Each student is
provided a planner to mark down assignments and due dates. This also serves
as a way to communicate with parents. Write down after school activities,
homework, and long-term projects. Get in the habit of checking your planner
every day after school. Go to sleep knowing you're prepared for tomorrow.  

 **Using Your Planner**

    Fill in your name on the first page 
    Use a paper clip to turn right to the current week
    Take the school district calendar info and transfer it to your calendar
    Keep your calendar up to date
    Fill in every subject daily, regardless if you have an assignment due.

Time Management:
A BIG part of middle school is managing your time. Learning how to prioritize
your time is an important skill to development now, as it will create a good
work ethic for the future. 

Homework & Studying:
If you are staying organized and managing your time this should not be a problem. Get into a routine where your homework and studying is a priority right when you get home from school. Procrastination is not an option! Also, consider getting some phone numbers of classmates, so if you need help or were absent you can call a friend! 

Do not wait till the last minute to get help! As a student, it is important
that you communicate when you need help. Every teacher has a specific day they stay after school to provide students with additional support.

Locker Breaks:
   *  before homeroom
   *  before or after lunch
   *  after school
Put a photocopy of your schedule in your locker and one in your
planner. Use a highlighter to highlight after the designated class period and
at lunch when you have locker breaks. This way you can see blocks of classes you have from one locker break to the next and know at-a-glance what books you need without much effort.